50K Wheels with White Text

White GoodYear tires for 50keda wheels pack.
-This mod will replace the normal GoodYear tires.
Hope you enjoy the wheels!

50Keda, FuraFemDagarEtteSovit


3 Responses to 50K Wheels with White Text

  1. gerd_e says:

    Since a long time I use the 50k_wheelspack (v4.1). I deleted that pack and replaced it with your pack with white text: NO any white text visible on any tire brand.

    • FuraFemDagarEtteSovit says:

      Thats wierd. I replaced my old 50k wheelpack and it works perfectly. No idea why yours isnt.

  2. gerd_e says:

    Maybe its grounding in the fact that I use this pack, too:
    Real Tires Mod v 4.8 (runs perfectly).
    I always place the Real Tires Mod below the 50k_wheelspack in modmanager. And never there appeared any problem with tires or wheels in any game version………

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