50keda Addon for Version 1.40

50keda Addon for Version 1.40

New slots for f_grill

50keda, gothscher


8 thoughts on “50keda Addon for Version 1.40

  1. Why’s the yellow michelin man so pale in color

    1. Because SCS has not finished the Light Improvements, etc.

    2. doctor who

      He’s got coronavirus

  2. It’s not an official update! on 50k’s Github is still the v2.6 for 1.35

  3. Thibault Bertrand

    @gothscher did you ask 50 Keda before doing an update for this mod ?

  4. Why does the left blinker show in the fog light now?

  5. Daniel Fraus

    NOT for 1.40 !!!

  6. Thibault Bertrand

    well seem like the link has been replaced by ets.lt moderator due author breach agreement

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