50keda Addons for New Scania Generation v2.3

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•Tweaked slots for horns (rotate a bit up, so horns do not intersect cabin)
•Added orange Hella LED Marker light

•Roof grills with only slots for NextGen SCANIAS
•Added slots for lolipops on mirrors for NextGen SCANIAS
•Added extra slots for beacons

•Kelsa VisorBars for NextGen SCANIAS
•Kelsa HiBars for NextGen SCANIAS
•Hella LED Marker Light (White) fixed
•Light Board for NextGen SCANIAS
•SUPER Logo comeback


please not reupload !

50keda, SCS


13 Responses to 50keda Addons for New Scania Generation v2.3

  1. jorgent97 says:

    Hd video 1.30…

  2. Licinio says:

    Pleasse insert the kesla sid bar pleasse

  3. Tuner75 says:

    Mod funktioniert gut und sieht toll aus gefällt mir …

  4. Waltencyr says:

    The 50kdeda mod is ball show. How to make the bumper lights come on by following the main device? enjoying that you are working with lights; a suggestion. Thanks thank you for the gifts.

  5. Rens Doppen says:

    how do i have to get this all in a scs file? i tried with the help of youtube but then my scs file doesn’t work in ets2… can you make a download with the scs file in it, please?

  6. tremo says:

    can I change the text on the light boards ?

  7. Chris Haggins says:

    any chance 50keda you could make the Kelsa Hibar in colour aswell please

  8. chris says:

    can you pls email me the scs file as i cant seem too extract itto a scs

  9. chris says:

    can you pls email me the scs file as i cant seem too extract itto a scs many thanks chris

  10. John says:

    hello I think some of them add-ons have stopped working led’s have changed and gone missing cos the led’s that i had on the grill and the light bar where not there whan i loaded up the game again

  11. mertcan durgut says:

    abi acilen nasıl yacam içindeki manifestimi atcaç yoksa diğerlerinidemi atam acil

  12. Anders says:

    Can you please fix the hookup on the mirrors cuz no lights what so ever is working and you don’t even get them to show up on the menu. other than that it’s an awesome mod and i love it!

  13. Mathias says:

    Does it work even if u got 50 keda add-ons for rlj active?

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