6 Gear Mod for All Trucks v 1.01


It’s good for playing mod triptonic gear for 1.24 & 1.23 versions game.

– Tested version: 1.24.x & 1.23.x
– Drivin Force Gt
– Normal and Retarder Mod

Author: SmhKzl


4 Responses to 6 Gear Mod for All Trucks v 1.01

  1. Gregoris says:

    i like this mod,thank you very much.

  2. Usakli says:

    Vay Semih Bey nerelerdesiniz yav 😀

  3. Liima says:

    No RJL 🙁

  4. LynxKris says:

    Hello!………please can you tell me the gear ratios (Both forward and reverse) and the Differential ratios (including reverse)??

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