60 000 xp for parking


60000 xp for parking trailer – just 50 xp need to level up
Author: xxx (from Iran)


18 Responses to 60 000 xp for parking

  1. viper21 says:

    not working with 1.3.1s 🙁

    • ETS2TruckDriver says:

      Viper. It works with me and i have the 1.3.1v, so i think you did something wrong.

  2. Heinz says:

    what else can you expect from an Iranian,not workinking you dumm F…ck

  3. thanks Im iranian says:

    thanks Im Iranian!

  4. Lucas95 says:

    it works…
    because this mod i’m gonna from lvl35 to lvl124 😀
    and thats no 60000xp…there are 600000xp for parking the trailer…

  5. batak says:

    Yea, big deal, just open def file and change it up to 100000000000000000000000 XP if you want. This ”mod” should be erased!

    • ETS2TruckDriver says:

      Can you copy the text with that amount of XP ?
      I can find the 600000 XP.

  6. JoTaDa says:

    I agree with you batak:)
    I prefer more work hard and gain experience as normal,
    It give much more pleasant feelings like it should be.

    You kids want EVERYTHING and INSTANTLY!
    I dont wonder why kids in these days anymore know how to play LOL

    • Eleanor says:

      It’s a game bro.

    • Fabien says:

      First of all your english is just awful.

      Second I’ve lost my savegame because of some mod i’ve had downloaded.

      This helped me get back to the level I was, even tho i didn’t recover everything i had. So shush.

  7. trucker richy says:

    I would rather work my way up ranks by doing jobs. Not loading up this pile of crap mod and levelling up the EASY way.

  8. INSTg8R says:

    this pile of #### mod is just a RIPPOFF from JCV’s very much earlier XP mod …

    • batak says:

      I cant belive!!!!!! Now I see, he’s just reupload JCV XP mod!! Admin’s, this is disrespect for one great moder and THIS SHOULD BE ERASED! I will inform JCV about this!

  9. ETS2TruckDriver says:

    And xxx Very THNX ! I love the MOD.

  10. Scanias says:

    Nice mod!!!

  11. dishevel says:

    It’s working in the 1.9.22 version and its not 60.000 xp but 600.000 xp so after 1 time no need for it.

  12. RikkieGamesNL says:

    When I try to download it he says it got a virus!

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