60 000 xp for parking


60000 xp for parking trailer – just 50 xp need to level up
Author: xxx (from Iran)


18 thoughts on “60 000 xp for parking

  1. not working with 1.3.1s ๐Ÿ™

    1. ETS2TruckDriver

      Viper. It works with me and i have the 1.3.1v, so i think you did something wrong.

  2. what else can you expect from an Iranian,not workinking you dumm F…ck

  3. thanks Im iranian

    thanks Im Iranian!

  4. it works…
    because this mod i’m gonna from lvl35 to lvl124 ๐Ÿ˜€
    and thats no 60000xp…there are 600000xp for parking the trailer…

  5. Yea, big deal, just open def file and change it up to 100000000000000000000000 XP if you want. This ”mod” should be erased!

    1. ETS2TruckDriver

      Can you copy the text with that amount of XP ?
      I can find the 600000 XP.

  6. I agree with you batak:)
    I prefer more work hard and gain experience as normal,
    It give much more pleasant feelings like it should be.

    You kids want EVERYTHING and INSTANTLY!
    I dont wonder why kids in these days anymore know how to play LOL

    1. It’s a game bro.

    2. First of all your english is just awful.

      Second I’ve lost my savegame because of some mod i’ve had downloaded.

      This helped me get back to the level I was, even tho i didn’t recover everything i had. So shush.

  7. trucker richy

    I would rather work my way up ranks by doing jobs. Not loading up this pile of #### mod and levelling up the EASY way.

  8. this pile of #### mod is just a RIPPOFF from JCV’s very much earlier XP mod …

    1. I cant belive!!!!!! Now I see, he’s just reupload JCV XP mod!! Admin’s, this is disrespect for one great moder and THIS SHOULD BE ERASED! I will inform JCV about this!

  9. ETS2TruckDriver

    And ### Very THNX ! I love the MOD.

  10. Nice mod!!!

  11. It’s working in the 1.9.22 version and its not 60.000 xp but 600.000 xp so after 1 time no need for it.

  12. RikkieGamesNL

    When I try to download it he says it got a virus!

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