7000 hp Engine for all Trucks

7000 hp Engine (3) 7000 hp Engine (2) 7000 hp Engine (1)

– Now the new cargos too heavy from Jazzycat and other moderators,the trucks can’t handle them so with more powerful engines we could.
– Compatible with all trucks.
– Work on quick-job trucks too.
– Engines with badges.
– Compatible with game version with all DLCs.
– Work on all maps without problem.

Author: TruckZone


4 thoughts on “7000 hp Engine for all Trucks

  1. Doesn’t work, don’t download.

    1. TruckZone

      @ overstop before posting comments try to be sure..the mod works fine and i’m using it from a while without problem…the names and badges are same as the default but the speed and power are not the same…try to loaded after the other tuning mods…the truck will start at the 5 gear or 6.

  2. doesnt work.i tra this mod on version

  3. Works excellent! Very good job, man! 🙂

    7000HP isn’t joke, 160km/hod. = no problem.

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