80 degrees wheels rotation


Work for 1.12.x

By Rendi


15 Responses to 80 degrees wheels rotation

  1. Mercohaulic says:


  2. Truk-Mania says:

    ada2 aja ente gan…

  3. Swedish-Power says:

    One Question ……. WHY !!!!

    My Answer : *ATOMICFACEPALM*

  4. Kevuk29 says:

    why would you want this sorry to criticize but its pretty silly aint it

  5. kriechbaum says:

    LOOOOL, funny 🙂

  6. piratxxx says:

    OMG!!! Kids this is simulator, not stupid kid game!!! #### this….

  7. poutitine says:

    180°as your cock

  8. C4RBON94 says:

    Drift Mode 😛

  9. apferreira truckman says:


  10. johndoe says:

    Crazy ####.

  11. @dr_jaymz says:

    lol XD kidding right?

  12. Faelandaea says:

    This is in the same category as the 10000000000 HP engines and 50 gear transmission and no-damage/no speed limit mods. This mod is not for anyone who actually treats ETS2 as a simulator instead of GTAV.

  13. Rendi_ETS2LOVERS says:

    hahaha, iseng aja gan

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