84 real company trailer pack fix


Mod fix.
Author: B1ACK


13 thoughts on “84 real company trailer pack fix

  1. B1ACK,You do it wrong…
    When you make a FIX,upload just the Fixed Files,not the whole Mod.
    btw.. Nice Mod

    Nikola Kostovski 🙂

  2. It’s work with 1.3.1??

    1. trucker richy

      Chrisus. Yes this works for me on 1.3.1 but i found if i used the b1-use all trailer.scs it would crash my game after a while. I took that out and i had no problems. Hope that helped you 🙂

      1. Sorry mate but that solution doesn’t work for me. It still crashes the game on the desktop for me.

        1. trucker richy

          Maybe you have another mod that conflicts with this 1. Try running the game without any other mods, just this mod, see what happens

        2. trucker richy

          If you have the older version of this mod, you should delete all the old files and replace them with the files from this mod george.

  3. alex du 77120

    bonjour !!!! j’ai tester ce mods toute la journée et c’est vraiment du très bon travail, il y a de la réfléction et beaucoup de travail derrière tout sa. MERCI BEAUCOUP et bonne continuation !!!!!

  4. am i supposed to activate all or just the use all trailer, please write instructions. as it is right now some trailers are still stock for me.

  5. Thank you very much.

  6. David King

    Sad to say game crashes worse than it did with previous mod pack like this. Nice trailers though just does not work

  7. Will this mod work with 1.4?

  8. will this work for 1.4?

  9. this doesn’t work, crashes my game.

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