84 real company trailer pack


Tested on
Replaces old trailers.
New game – new profile.
Author: B1ACK


4 thoughts on “84 real company trailer pack

  1. good job ….. great

  2. trucker richy

    Hiya B1ACK i tested your other trailer pack, it worked on 1.3.1 and no need to start a new profile. I’ll see if the same result happens with this version, and will post here.

    Trucker Richy 🙂

  3. trucker richy

    Hi, just done 3 jobs with this mod and as far as i can tell, it works on 1.3.1 and i used this on the profile i already had, so no need to start a new profile. I just replaced the older files with the new ones and carried on. Not sure if that is the same for, but just thought i would let people know that it works fine on 1.3.1. Great mod BTW, best company mod i have used, i like the diverse range of trailer skins used. Thanks

  4. do what trucker richy say…it works

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