8×6 chassis for Renault Magnum


New chassis for renault magnum.
Tested on 1.9.22.

Oleg Kushin (Jgut / Klipper)

DOWNLOAD 27.4 MB sharemods
DOWNLOAD 27.4 MB uploadfile

7 thoughts on “8×6 chassis for Renault Magnum

  1. can u made for premium btw 8×10 3 axle so high can fix that nice mod jgnut

  2. Это что за шедевр еще?
    где ступеньки?

  3. NPortegies

    Also works great in the version !!!

  4. Faelandaea

    Awesome mod but not compatible with version 1.10x or later. Red lights all around, including headlights. Someone on another mod site tried to say some “red mirror fix” worked on that, but that was misinformation. Still a nice mod though and looking forward to a fix for the red headlights, etc.

  5. how to ETS 2 v 1.1.1 ??

    1. This is the updated mod: https://yadi.sk/d/vAqGJr1hXdhPe

      But it seems a bit broken for me. Every time I take a load, the front of the truck bows, yet the front wheels don’t spin; as if they are not touching the tarmac. Then if you try to drive, the front end begins to bounce until you get some speed, but starts to bounce violently when going around any curves causing a loss of control.

      1. Same problems for me (I also mentioned it at the updated mod). Driving this is horrible in later (1.10+) versions of ETS2 when heavy load attached.
        Would be very nice if modder can fix this for 1.11 and 1.12!

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