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1 Trailer onwed

DLC : Heavy cargo pack
Maybe :Special Transport

i don’t use a CARGO spécial Transport = probleme on MP

How to use my mod :

1: DL the mod ,
2: the Zip on /document/ETS2/mod — keep the zip
3: Activate the mod on SOLO
4: Buy all Trailer on Trailer dealer
6: Go to MP and use your SAVE and Enjoy
7: for mission use the trailer like a BOX cargo


!! Do not change the mod link !!

You can ReUpload whit onriginal Link



6 thoughts on “93-RP_mod_Trailer_HCT_V0.04_SPT [WORK IN MULTIPLAYER]

  1. the oversize trailer at the back causes it to be banned in multiplayer.

    1. Just ignore the kid mod. 😉

  2. is that 100% legal in MP?

    1. IT IS NOT! DO NOT USE THE SPECIAL TRANSPORT TRAILERS IN TMP! YOU WILL GET PERMANENTLY BANNED FOR IT IF YOU GET CAUGHT! Also, this guy is notorious for not caring about the rules, does something not allowed (like using this trailer in tmp), gets banned, and then starts whining to the tmp moderators why he got banned.
      Idk why this ##### uploaded this mod.. it encourages rule braking and that’s just toxic.
      he could just leave the special transport trailers out and only focus on the heavy hauls.. but no..
      it’s funny as well the moderator from this modsharing site allows this kind of stuff, shows how much they care about the comunity 😉

  3. La_Zipfel

    How can I load both trailers?
    I only ever get the towing vehicle loaded.

    1. in short, you can’t load the second trailer, that’s just how the game works atm

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