9900 liter fuel tank


Phương Nguyễn


4 thoughts on “9900 liter fuel tank

  1. NOT WORKING. It just change the tank capacity in dealers but not affect the trucks really so no increase in fuel tank

  2. Sorry it works but if you have other chassis youhave to edit them separately

  3. Hello. I know is outdated … but can you please upload once more ? I really need this. Thanks in advance.

  4. Kogaion78

    it resets when change chassis – like when take 6×4 midlift which it doesnt come in standard buy (only6x4) and then AdBlue goes off after aprox. 1500liters …

    Pls send reply on this two issues if you know at [email protected]
    1. how to edit
    2. the adblue probl

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