99999HP Scania Engine


Tested game version 1.3.1

Author: Alisson


22 Responses to 99999HP Scania Engine

  1. StefanS says:


  2. Baba says:

    we need more HORSEPOWER


    • anon says:

      It’s actually making over 280,000hp too, not just the ‘99999hp’ they’ve written in the description.

  3. Dan Nepi says:

    Totally stupid and useless mod

  4. TomaSis says:

    who in the hell want so much power to play the game, complete unreal

  5. Bernie says:

    Star Trek Scania ?

  6. GoAt says:

    LAME! While youre at it why not increase the max speed to MACH 4.5

  7. james says:

    The only type engine that still has not shown up so far is a JET ENGINE SPOUTING FLAMES OUT BACK. I dont think the people behind it will last long at a stop light, But YES we must race our %&$*&^$#’s off.Let it fly

  8. Edas says:

    Please make 1000hp

    • TomaSis says:

      Edas there are 1020hp for scania and 1080hp for volvo and is enough and prety good if you play with the mod Heavy loads, make loads go to 76 ton.

  9. Kristian says:

    I dont understand these stupid mods, 730HP from Scania or 750HP from Volvo is not enough for you ??
    Obliviously author never have driven a truck in his life, I drive MAN 33.331 (1984. year) with damn 330HP engine and I manage to get him to 120km/h…
    Imagine every more powerful engine of 330HP, it is very very powerful, I cant imagine drive Scania R730…


  10. gts2013 says:

    OMG nobody need this mods!!!

  11. David King says:

    Nobody is forcing you to download this mod or even look at it. I have looked through the responses and as far as i can see NOT ONE of you have made any mods. So why do you not just go on and quit bashing someone who has the know how and guts to do a mod. If you have nothing constructive to say the stf up.

    • UNoob says:

      I can make 1 hp mod for you easily
      If you think messing around with def file is called modding then you are helpless lol

  12. Baba says:

    constructive criticism – senseless unnecessary kiddie mod

  13. Yansen Haryanto says:

    YU NO CREATE the very long and free ai with straigh road??? for race?????????? 😀 😀 😀

  14. Raymund Marco says:

    its not realistic for a truck simulator game. its not maneuverable upon reaching high speeds in just blink of an eye

  15. Martin says:

    many off you dont see the point with this. heres some reson to have so much hp
    1 have you ever drived up an hill with heavyloaded trailer its takes years to come up.
    2 you can drive faster then all the others
    3. it accelerate faster
    4. someone think its cool to have so much hp

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