Abasstreppas Wheel Pack for Ownership Trailers

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1.0 Initial release. Only supersingle wheels in this release. 18 rims, 5 tyres, 12 hubcaps/rings, 14 hubs, 15+ lug-nuts/indicators/locks. Twin mounted versions vill come in a future update

Just put the zip-file directly into your modfolder and activate it. No need to unpack anything

Keep original download links if uploading somewhere else and do not use my free stuff in paymods, please

My mods are always free, but a donation never hurts 😉

Author: abasstreppas, special credits: all brands represented with logos in this mod like Fulda, Hankook, GoodYear, Alcoa, BPW, SAF Holland, Gigant, Schmitz, Krone

DOWNLOAD 16 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 16 MB [drive.google]

8 thoughts on “Abasstreppas Wheel Pack for Ownership Trailers

  1. abasstreppas

    Did a tiny bug-fix, so use this updated sharemods link instead https://sharemods.com/idb7oo5r0ylx/abasstreppas_wheelpack_for_ownership_trailers.zip.html
    The Google Drive link in OP is also updated

  2. Driverstein

    THANK YOU!!!

  3. Awesome. Works fine! 🙂

  4. Thank you for another wonderful usable Mod from you.
    Since long Time I use only your Mods for Wheels and Rims. 5*

  5. SouthovHeaven

    Absolutly great job, another must have mod, tyvm!

  6. abasstreppas

    Here is an addon for you guys that prefer the tyres a bit darker (looks more new). Just put it above the main mod in the mod manager -> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mQwN-YZu2dZDlNd9OsvQvR7U-gYegZn2

  7. i love

  8. Alessandro CALZOLAIO

    Great Job! Just a request. Is it possible to have 19.,5 Wheel not just of steel but also in Alu (also gloss version)?

    Thanks and keep going like this!

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