Achterhoek Map alpha version 0.0.7

Achterhoek-3 Achterhoek-2 Achterhoek-1

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Hi new version is out!

New features
1 New city: Doetinchem
2 more companies
3 more realistic stuff
4 More play fun 🙂

Other things
1 Bugs i know it
2 Map is not finished.
3 In the next version i will make the cities and towns bigger.

Map works on ets2 version 1.22..

You can only play the map as you have DLC North and Going East..
Enjoy the map 🙂

Author: Basets2fan200


11 Responses to Achterhoek Map alpha version 0.0.7

  1. usman hamsafar says:

    please make a mountains map.thanks

  2. DanCore says:

    bitte fügen sie die stadt Remscheid In Deutschland hinzu in NRW =)

    Vielen Dank

    • sunnyboy21000 says:

      du dancore geht das bei dir? welche scs hast du genommen

  3. Poppey says:

    Compatible with Promods?

  4. sunnyboy21000 says:

    which scs file has to be
    ohh ein deutsche,du dancore geht das bei dir? welche scs hast du genommen

  5. 4861yeti says:

    video nicht verfügbar wegen GEMA !!!! man man man !!!

    • Basets2fan200 says:

      Yes sorry. That was a problem with the videocapture. Sorry..

    • Basets2fan200 says:

      Sorry guys. The video works not good. Sorry.. 🙁

    • Deathlypoisn says:

      Du kannst das Video mit dem Add-On “ProxFlow” ansehen!

  6. DaSpookyNuts says:

    For the people that don’t know: The ”Achterhoek” is a region in The Netherlands where lots of people have different dialects, and there is a lot of farm land. Believe it or not, I live just outside of the ”Achterhoek”! So I guess that you can say that I know the cities and the feel. (I live 15 minutes driving from Doetinchem).
    Als iemand die in Didam woont (Ik weet niet zeker of het achterhoek is of niet, maar wel dichtbij in ieder geval) ga ik dit zeker proberen!

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