Activate Trailer Tandem of SCS


This mod activate Trailer Tandem original of SCS 1.20.x

Author: DAVISH


8 thoughts on “Activate Trailer Tandem of SCS

  1. JimmyJoJr

    1.17x was when they were added. :p

  2. Neato borrito

  3. Moyeszka Sravenu-Dertyhvo

    You could’ve atleast fixed the skin in place, lame ###.

    1. not fix or edit skins for moment

      1. Lol , no fixed update = NO DOWNLOAD !!!!!

    2. Hardly fair that comment is it? Seeing as the mod creator has just added the definition files to get the trailer working ingame, he never claimed to have done anything to the 3D model, what you see is a very early version of what SCS are working on, I don’t know why they left it in the base.scs but they did and that’s the stage it is at.

      However I look forward to YOUR version of this mod where you’ve fixed all the texture errors and possibly added some other models like a cistern maybe and logs, going by your attitude I’m assuming you are an expert 3D model maker and have a vast library of mods that you’ve created and shared with the community, am I correct?

      Didn’t think so, so stfu!

      1. Moyeszka Sravenu-Dertyhvo

        You obviously never got raised well.

        1. Ohh, you’re THAT kind of Special, my mistake, I won’t use such big words next time.

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