Actual Day Night time Mod v1.44

This mod only changes the time when the sun rises or sets, not the time progression itself!

Since SCS made a good job of implementing such a system, I just need to change a date. It will change the times accordingly to the location on the map. So the sun will go up in Warsaw earlier than in Paris. And the sun will stay up longer in summer in Oslo than in Rome.

Compatible with any mod. Please set this one on a higher priority as any Map or Weather mod.

Viss Valdyr


4 thoughts on “Actual Day Night time Mod v1.44

  1. Doesn’t create a link in files.

    1. disregard….found it.

  2. adi2003de

    There is nothing what your mod is doing. The only Thing what your mod is doing. It select Day 180 of the Year. That´s all. The rest is ETS2 doing itself!

    1. Viss Valdyr

      It is not my fault, that someone uploaded that mod without my permission.

      the workshop version makes a lot more sense!

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