Actual Diesel prices in Europe + Belarus & Russia 2016-01-24


This is a fuel mod by Steini to bring you a little more fantastic realism in Euro Truck Simulatior 2.

[ENG] The actual diesel prices in Europe
[RUS] Реальные дизельные цены в Европе
[PL] Rzeczywiste ceny oleju napędowego w Europie
[DE] Die aktuellen Dieselpreise in Europa

Date 2016-01-23

ETS2 1.22.xx, DLC East, DLC Scandinavia,
ProMods 2.0 + RusMap 1.6

[ENG] Don’t reupload this file on other hosts. Thanks a lot!
[RUS] Другие ссылки для скачивания не допускаются. Большое спасибо!
[PL] Inne linki do pobrania nie są akceptowane. Dziękujemy!
[DE] Das Hochladen unter fremden Links ist nicht gestattet. Vielen Dank!

Steini (Стеини)

SCS, Steini, def-parts of ProMods- & RusMap-Team


8 Responses to Actual Diesel prices in Europe + Belarus & Russia 2016-01-24

  1. FilMit says:

    Thank you, Steini

  2. FilMit says:

    Please tell me you have a plan in the future to support this mode, that is to update it over time? I only use this link ProMods & RusMap, and for me your interesting events.
    Thank you 🙂

    • Steini says:

      Can I do, but not every week. Two times in a month max. must enough. 🙂

  3. Shogoon1984 says:


  4. Bob says:

    Great!! Thank You

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