AD – Abroll Scania RJL by FHJ Transporte

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– This mod is made by FHJ Transporte
– He edit truck chassis, all bdf staf from kast and add abroll extension.
– All models are from @KAST mods, so thank him for let us to edit his files.

Credits: @Kast , FHJ Transporte , Teklic

Version 1.0:
Added 4 Type of chassis
Added 6 Abroll extension
Edited kast bdf stuff

For more info:

Kast, FHJ Transporte, Teklic


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2 thoughts on “AD – Abroll Scania RJL by FHJ Transporte

  1. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.35

  2. please make also the trailer with different sizes 😉

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