Adapted fix, to connect cards “Rus map” and “Russian space”


Adapted fix,to connect cards “Rus map” and “Russian space”

Added two cities,directions.Slightly redesigned the old city.The territory of the fix,cities,rivers,roads, are the fruit of my imagination.

Version 1.19

AlekseyMD, [email protected], МОРОЗОВ, SOWA


17 Responses to Adapted fix, to connect cards “Rus map” and “Russian space”

  1. Ricardo says:

    Works with tsm

  2. SOSO says:

    If I activate it the city kassel ( germany) disappears!
    Tested with RusMap 1.5 and Russian Open Spaces 2.2, TSM 6.0, MHA Pro 2.0!

  3. Padre says:

    Thanks [email protected] & Morozov, nice to see you to work together.

  4. Milka78 says:

    Tested with RusMap 1.5 + Russian Open Spaces + TSM 6.0 + Baltics Country Map.Workks fine.

  5. Milka78 says:

    Tested with RusMap 1.5 + Russian Open Spaces + TSM 6.0 + Baltics Country Map.Works fine.

  6. Adamisch says:

    when i activate this i got a hole in germany! it looks like SOSO is right.

  7. nmgsyp says:

    Missing permanent company data

    Failed to find company link! (company.volatile.eurogoodies.reims)
    Failed to find company link! (company.volatile.kaarfor.reims)

    game crash. not other mod.

    • nmgsyp says:

      I’m sorry it’s my fault, I used an old connected file. 3 files can be perfect running : D

  8. Vojta says:

    Missing Kassel in Germany, maps not connect, help, i use 1.18 version

  9. Boki says:

    model_template.cpp(570): [email protected][email protected]@@UEAAXXZ: Mismatch between number of parts in geometry (.pmg) and description (.pmd) files for ‘/prefab/fork/city_x_2lane_highway.pmg’.

  10. Truckbaehr says:

    Is a super Map!!!

    1000 x thanks

  11. tuhkustuhke says:

    where to download russian open spaces for 1.19?

  12. Dado-J says:

    Карты работать с TSM 1.5 f.1.19.xx, но пробег не так после вступления
    Открытое пространство на первом карте. Кроме того, грузовик, из Европы в середине лета множеств в
    снег и лед в то же время !! ?? Я думаю, что Россия не так холодно, что вы представляете. Я знаю, что это потому, что я пошел вперед и по всей России. Но, возможно, это легче сделать папку со снегом, но с травой и цветами в летнее время.

    Maps work with TSM 1.5 f.1.19.xx, but mileage is wrong after entry
    Open space on the ground map. In addition, truck, coming from Europe in the middle of summer sets in
    snow and ice at the same time !! ?? I think that Russia is not so cold that you represent. I know this because I went along and across Russia. But perhaps it is easier to do a folder with snow but with grass and flowers in the summer.

  13. serghei says:

    Game crash is not working like you saying :(((

  14. JESAN says:

    I think most of us need no know what should be the correct loading order when playing with OTHER MAPS together

  15. hannibaljazz says:

    hello all i like to know what maps i can add more to the ones i said ? the version i am using is and the maps i have now is TSM 6.0 RUS 1.5

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