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Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod Series , in short AITMS, was released to enhance the gaming experience by variation in traffic density at various time and location.

Change Log of V 1.5 from Previous Versions –

Changed the Traffic Density Values,
Altered the AI Traffic Patience and Safety Modifier,
Truck and Trailer Traffic Increased To 78.4 %,
Synced With Real World Traffic Density Ratio,
Works With Low End PC’s…



35 Responses to Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod Series [ AITMS © v1.5 ] – Murshid4Gaming

  1. piva says:

    Very funny tweak. Thanks for good idea!

    • ETS2 Trucker says:

      Why is the mod funny? I am a great fan of this series, eventhough it is a minor tweak, it changes the level of the entire gameplay …

    • ETS2 Trucker says:

      Why is this mod funny? I am a fan of this series and eventhough it is a minor tweak, it brings the game to a complete new level…

    • Murshid4Gaming says:

      Welcome, But Why Funny?

  2. maverick says:

    worikng with promods?

  3. roy says:

    this is the best traffic mod Ive seen .thanks for this

    • Murshid4Gaming says:

      Welcome, I am the one who should convey thanks, as gamers like you would give me enough motivation for my minor mod…

  4. wegger says:

    It’s works with DLC Scandinavia ?

    • Murshid4Gaming says:

      Yes Brother, I have spent long hours testing it with various values. As per you comment for previous version I have increased truck and trailer traffic to more than 70%, and I hope you are not concerned as i Used your name in my Facebook Page…

  5. Baymax_1646 says:

    1 ofthe best mods for ai traffic.,good job! & bro, you could’ve also added sound to the traffic..juz like one of the old mod here..Aggressive ai traffic (1.17) ..the sound of the ai trucks r really awesome…if u cuould’ve added that this mod will be 100% perfect…anyways..thanks for this mod bro 😀

    • Murshid4Gaming says:

      Thanks for your valuable feedback, I would try to add sounds to my next mod, if possible could you sent me the link for the mod you were just saying…

  6. Baymax_1646 says:

    sure’s the link or mod’s name is Igrek ai mod V2 🙂

    • Murshid4Gaming says:

      Thanks for the link, I have started working on my new mod, will keep you posted through my facebook page…

  7. Zimon says:

    Hi nice idea,
    This is my first downloaded mod and can someone plz give me a tutorial how to download this mod? Sorry for my bad english

    • Murshid4Gaming says:

      Thanks for your feedback,
      To activate a mod in game, you should extract the “scs” file from the downloaded archive to the mods folder of Euro Truck Simulator 2 in the User’s Documents Folder, i.e { ( usually located at ) C:\Users\Public\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod }.
      Then while the game loads and set you to the “Launchpad”,
      Select the “Edit Profile” option and Tick Mark the mods under “Active Mod” you want to activate, { Or if you would wish to activate all mods that you downloaded and copied to Documents Folder } ; Select “Enable All”,
      After Selection, Click on “Apply” and Load your game as usual…

  8. Mephic says:

    If you will be adding sounds or anything similar please post separate versions. Really what I hate most is when mod is modifying something which was not intended or is a side-modification. Thanks in advance.

    In meantime congratz for the product, works great.

    Maybe you can also advertise on official SCS forum?

    • Murshid4Gaming says:

      Thanks for the advice, I would like to add other files dealing with traffic , i.e , Police fines, Signal Lights, etc.

      Would you be kind enough to help me on how to advertise in scs forum, please..

      • Mephic says:

        The address is – it’s official SCS forum, there you can create your mod topic in “Others” mod section. I think this mod should be made more popular – you made really great effort here!

        • Murshid4Gaming says:

          Thanks for your help, I would surely post in it within a Few days..

  9. Sebi says:

    Can you tell me if it works with all the jazzycat packs? Thanks

    • Murshid4Gaming says:

      Welcome SebI, It works with the mod you came up with…

  10. GG says:

    works with 1.19 thanks

    • Murshid4Gaming says:

      Welcome, and appreciating for your kind feedback…

  11. gyunter says:

    Hey Murshid4Gaming, thanks for your mod and tenderness to everyone here in comments section. You’re a very nice Man!

    • Murshid4Gaming says:

      Welcome , And I Surely Did Like Your Sweet Feedback, Hoping To Keep In Touch in Future…

  12. Pierre says:

    Hi Murshid,
    On my game, mods seems to not run (with jazzycat mods). Is necessary to start a new profile?


  13. Murshid4Gaming says:

    Hi Pierre, I would prefer to create a new profile, how ever it would work with jazzy cats mods, as I Have tested working with it,
    The reason for the crash might me the clash between the two traffic mods, i.e, JAZZYCATS and AITMS are both modding the traffic sector of the game..

    Thanks for your valuable feedback…

  14. Night light says:

    They’re changing some traffic density at some cities in 1.20 version
    Might as well check it.
    Your mod rocks.

  15. mirai says:

    In my opinion this is the best traffic behavior + density mod ever made for ETS2. I wonder if it still works for v1.22? If it does not, I sure wish it would be updated.

    • mirai says:

      Just wanted to say that I tested it today and it’s still working perfectly on v1.22.3 🙂

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