Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod v 1.4

Adaptive-Increased-Traffic-Mod-v-1.4-1 Adaptive-Increased-Traffic-Mod-v-1.4-2

Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod Series, in short AITMS, was released to enhance the gaming experience by variation in traffic density at various time and location.

Changelog 1.4 version:
– Changed the Traffic Density Values
– Truck and Trailer Traffic Reduced To 43.5 %
– Synced With Real World Traffic Density Ratio
– Works with Low End PC’s

Author: Murshid4Gaming


22 thoughts on “Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod v 1.4

  1. renaulthater

    Thank you man! And I was wondering if you will release a new version because you went quite.

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Welcome Brother, Sorry for the delay, I was looking for the traffic density values, and was a little bit deviated from this game because of GTA 5 online..

  2. You can increase the traffic of Cars and Trucks To 60% ?


    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Actually, the Light Motor Vehicles ratio to the Heavy Motor Vehicles are Set to 56.5:43.5,
      So which traffic density you want me to increase, cars or trucks??


      1. Yes. And have more trucks on highways, please

        I love this mod!


        1. Murshid4Gaming

          actually my previous version focused on more truck and trailer traffic, and some users misunderstood my concept and said more truck and trailer traffic is unreal in real life..that’s why i synced to real world traffic ratio comparing light and heavy vehicles…if god bless, the next version would have the values said by you..

          1. ok

  3. Does it work with TSM?

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Yes, It does work with TSM as well as with any mods..

  4. Nice one Murshid.
    I’ll check this against the last you released and see what I can fiddle with too.
    Thank you.

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      well thinker, i really like people like you who supports me, you try and find something, my previous version have lot of truck and trailer traffic and this one real traffic densities..anyway if you find anything, please be kind to let me know..

  5. Nice mod !
    I like it …
    But there is a problem with the level of AI. In many situations (Intersections ….), the traffic is often totally blocked.
    Maybe it could be interesting to decrease a little the density of vehicules ….
    Nobody has this problem ?

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Thanks Tulma,
      Actually I made it like that, the block is caused due to accidents in intersections, i have have the safety modifier to the least value, which increases traffic accidents, to remove it you may edit my mod and set the ai safety modifier to .50 or 1.00…

  6. Plz I need this mod for version :'(

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Dear Salah, after the release of 1.9, the traffic data files were changed, making these new mods un supported for the previous versions..sorry for that..

  7. Murshid4Gaming
    Thank you for your answer
    I’ll try to set the ai safety modifier to .50 .
    What is the default value ?

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Welcome Tulma, you set it to 0.50 , the default varies from 0.50 and 1.0, but 1.0 would decrease the originality of the game..

  8. I have the same problem with old version. Sometimes trucks totaly disappear from traffic…:(

  9. it´s work on Sorry for my bad english

  10. Updates please

  11. just move folder \def\ to c/document/ETS2/mod ????? or file traffic_data.sii ???? please reply

  12. Murshid Mohamed

    It’s me again, the new installment for this mod will be in air within a few hours. Thanks for everyone’s patience.

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