Adar spedition pack V1.0 1.36.x

Adar spedition pack include:
-standard trailer skin
-Krone Profi Liner skin
-Krone Cool Liner skin
-Adar garage v1.1
Remember to unpack
Tested on 1.36.x on steam version.



5 thoughts on “Adar spedition pack V1.0 1.36.x

  1. ALL Trailers doesn´t work. ??
    Rework or not, learn to skin and making working Mods.
    You failed to note the Authors of the Garage: Homer_s and Fred_be in the Credits.
    Trailer Skins from Patol (
    Easy to declare other Work for yours. That´s the reason, why you close the Trailer Mods ??? ?

    1. No? Patol’s skin is for Krone by Sogard3,
      My skins are for standard krone trailers

      1. Which Trailer doesn´t matter.
        Nothing works:
        – no Image of the Mod
        – nothing in the Trailer Dealers
        – closed Mod, so we cannot look for Errors

        The Garage I´ve repaired with Authorization from the Authors in 2017 and I use it for myself.

  2. Rewelacja coś pięknego ADAR na czele firmy ….

  3. Jeszcze brakuje Big Lightbox SCANIA S ADAR i cały ciągnik

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