Additional AI Driver

– Updated to ETS 2 1.48
– Added 1080 of Total Hiring AI Driver For Your Company (Available Slot Driver in Garage of ETS2 V 1.48 is 1010 Driver)
– currently tested 500 of total hired AI driver, and AI Driver still available at Recruitment Agency



12 thoughts on “Additional AI Driver

  1. Guthrie Forbes

    How do you access the ai drivers?

    1. dongkrak_antique

      activate this mod, and then hire AI driver for your company in recruitment agency. without mod, total of AI driver can hire has limit 354 Driver, with this mod can break these limit

  2. Guthrie Forbes

    Further to the 1st comment. I have watched the video but garage slots available do nor register 1010 but remain 470. Is it a mod conflict, I have no other driver mod, a load order thing or is just not compatible with 1.48.5?

    1. dongkrak_antique

      Nope, it’s not a mod conflict. Why do I have 1010 Driver Slots because I have 202 Garages with full upgrades so that each garage can accommodate 5 drivers. Because in version 1.48.1, the total number of garages that can be owned is 202 garages

    2. dongkrak_antique

      to increase available slot driver is buy new garage or just upgrade existing smallgarage with large upgrade, so that can increase available slot driver

  3. Guthrie Forbes

    Thanks for all that. I’ll try later but I have a few garage with 5 trucks but only 3 drivers and I cannot access any more

    1. dongkrak_antique

      what language or region you use in gameplay setting? try change language ( I prefer English US or English) and wait till AI driver available at Recruitment Agency, you can continue ypur progress while waiting AI Driver available at recruitment agency then you can go back use your Language. and try Use this mod
      to easy growth your progress if you hasn’t use this mod before

  4. Guthrie Forbes

    Nope. Done everything I can think of and no change. I can only conclude that it is not compatible with 1.48.5+. Pity

  5. Guthrie Forbes

    Thanks for the reply. I already use English. I will wait and see if recruit centre gets replenished. I may have to sack someone, I have not tried your suggested mod as I have plenty money etc. But I will check it out. Thanks again for the trouble

    1. dongkrak_antique

      you’re welcome bro, I think you need Discovered more Recruitment Agency on each large city maybe, lets try. because I use save editor tools to unlock all city, garage, recruitment agency and truck dealer tho xD. I’ll try update my ETS2 version ASAP, and check all mod with need fixing update, Currently I use v

  6. Guthrie Forbes

    OK. I’ll wait and thanks. I do think that it is a 1.48.5 problem and not the only one. Cheers

  7. dongkrak_antique

    link update

    If you like it and want to appreciate it, I’d be happy for buy me a cup of coffe 😀

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