Addon for Faymonville Heavy Pack V2

Hey, I release addon for Faymonville Heavy Pack V2.

I like this mod, but it wasn´t finished. Cargos and trailer are same, but have new definitions.

What is new:
-added cargo names (instead of heavy cargo 1, 2,…)
-added French companies (FLE, Batisse, Globeur,…)
-edited weights – from 15 tons to 151 tons (not be real)
-edited other parameters

Adapted for 1.28 game version

In mod manager put this mod ABOVE Faymonville Heavy Pack V2 – set higher priority.

This is not mod, this is only addon for mod. If you want to play with this, you have to download original mod from Blade1974 (original download link: )

vanhouten_cz addon, blade1974 original mod


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