Addon for RusMap v 1.6.3 v1.1


Addon Added 3 New Cities: Petrozavodsk, Yaroslavl, Vologda
Tested Version 1.23 & RusMap 1.6.3

Updated cities and roads,
Added more broken road sections.
Added village

Author: diman26


14 Responses to Addon for RusMap v 1.6.3 v1.1

  1. adkz says:

    don`t work with tsm

  2. adkz says:

    do not work with tsm

  3. Heijink says:

    works together with the Promods and RusMap

  4. Chickenlights&Chrome says:

    It works fine with TSM 6.2 plus the fix for 6.2–1.23

    My load order—Rus.Map add on– Map Pac
    Def Pac

    Rus. Map Map Pac
    Model2 Pac
    Model Pac
    Def Pac
    TSM Fix 6.2-1.23
    TSM Def & Mat
    Model 1
    \ 2
    \ 3
    \ 4
    Prefab & more.

    • adkz says:

      my load order is the same but the connection between europe and italy is broken

  5. serghei says:

    hi there ,is this the map, or just addons????
    from where i can download the russian map for 1.23
    спосибо ребята

  6. John says:

    you can download here at

  7. John says:

    you can download here at et2 lt

  8. false21 says:

    Habe das Addon mit eingesetzt und nun ist die Map verschoben.
    Gibt es dafür eine Möglichkeit sie wieder hinzubekommen ???


  9. 4004 says:

    Is it detailed?

  10. Drive Safely says:

    This mod brings more than it says (includes sectors for non-Russian countries which can break other map mods).

    Notice the file size of the map.scs file is suspiciously significantly greater than the original RusMap map file.

  11. Mareems says:

    Please don’t install this addon if you have Promods.
    Al city’s are gone

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