Addon for the Big Heavy Pack v2 from Blade1974

This addon is intended for fans of unusual traffic and heavy cargo.

This addition changed the mass more than 100 cargoes from Big Heavy Pack v2 and 31 standard cargoes. The range of cargo weight from 3 to 200 tons.
Also all cargoes from Big Heavy Pack v2 were renamed.

The main mod you can download on this site or on other sites dedicated to this game, for example:

This mod does not claim to full realism.

Connecting in the game:
1. Plug mod map.
2. Connect the main mod (big heavy pack v2) in the game
3. Connect the addon (big heavy pack heavy v2) in the game.

Priority file big heavy pack heavy v2.scs must be higher then file big heavy pack v2.scs !!!!!!!!!
If this is ignored, the mass of trailers will not change!


Author of the main mod: Blade1974 Author of this addon: Tornado


3 thoughts on “Addon for the Big Heavy Pack v2 from Blade1974

  1. Christopher Greathouse

    I’m confused for the mod load in the mod loader from top-down is it

    Top of mod loader
    1. heavy pack
    2. heavy addon

    or is it

    1. heavy addon
    2. heavy pack

    I’ve read about load order, but it still confuses me. does it load from bottom(maps) to top(gfx/sound), or top(gfx/sound) to down(maps) as appears by the loader.

    1. 1. heavy addon
      2. heavy pack

      1. Christopher Greathouse

        Thanks for the quick reply 🙂

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