Addon for the Chris45 Trailer Pack v 9.08 Fixed

This addon is intended for fans of unusual traffic and heavy cargo.

This addition increased the mass 65 Chris45’s cargoes and replaces 10 cargoes with locomotives.

Change log:
Fixed crash of game.

The main mod you can download on this site or on other sites dedicated to this game, for example:

This addon does not claim to full realism.

Connecting in the game:
1. Plug mod map.
2. Connect the main mod (Chris45 Trailer Pack 9.08) in the game
3. Connect the addon (Chris45 Trailers V9.08 Heavy fix) in the game.

Priority file Chris45 Trailers V9.08 Heavy fix.scs must be higher then file Chris45 Trailers V9.08.scs !!!!!!!!!
If this is ignored, the mass of trailers will not change!


P. S. If you find errors – write. It is desirable that there was a piece of log file(from game.log.txt) with a description of the error.

Author of the base mod: Chris45 Author of this addon: Tornado


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6 thoughts on “Addon for the Chris45 Trailer Pack v 9.08 Fixed

  1. The mod is working fine now without any game crashes anymore.
    Good work

  2. I have 2 questions for players who like to transport heavy loads:
    1. Do you need this addition for ATS?
    2. Do you need trucks capable of carrying such loads?

    1. To be true:

      ATS = YES
      Trucks = Can be nice, to have something new. I have also 8×4/10×4

      Greetings and Thank you

  3. 1: i don’t play ats.
    2: i already have a truck mod with a 10×6 chassis.

  4. GoldLightMe

    100t~over conflict

  5. MasterTrucker

    @Tornado having this mods for ATS would be a blessing in disguise as I use your pack for ETS2 also having it for ATS would be ###### brilliant as for my trucks on ATS being able to pull the loads well ive got the same American trucks for ETS2 and they pull the cargo on that game piece of #### ….

    I appreciate you taking the time to making this mod for ATS bout time we had decent cargo on that game to haul

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