Addon Hookups for Multiplayer ETS2

Addon hookups For Multiplayer ETS2

Support from Lower Grille Guard
Support from Bull Bar
Support from Front Mask
Support from Front Grille
Support from Front Grille Guard
Support from Light Bar
Support from SidesKirts
Support from Exhaust
Support from Rear Bumper
Support from Sun Visor
Support Michelin DLC

Attention :
Those who do not have Michelin DLC do not need to enable the following mod
[LHZ]Michelin DLC Addon hookups For Multiplayer ETS2.scs

Activation tutorials:
Go to the offline first and go Exhibition the DAF Truck , pick up your truck, and then go to the multiplayer.



5 thoughts on “Addon Hookups for Multiplayer ETS2

  1. ! C:\Users\Blanka\Downloads\superb_2009_traffic.7z: Nie można otworzyć C:\Users\Blanka\Downloads\superb_2009_traffic.7z

    1. Mr.LionHassan.Z

      What is the connection with mod?

  2. pliss

  3. Ребята, скажите, у кого работает в мультике? Я просто всё поставил, а вот все равно не работает.

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