Addon new Scania 2016 for the Kriechbaum V8 windows closed Sound Mod

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With this mod you can use the great Kriechbaum-sound for the new scania r+s next generation.
This is only an addon, for working you need the original Sound-Mod:
(Original link!)
For me the best sound for the new scania, just put this mod above the sound-mod in your mod-folder and enjoy!

Credits: Rumpelmauser01, Kriechbaum, SCS

Rumpelmauser01, Kriechbaum, SCS


8 thoughts on “Addon new Scania 2016 for the Kriechbaum V8 windows closed Sound Mod

  1. FoxOnTheBox

    Very nice thank you 🙂

    HD video tested on 1.30 –

    1. your youtube link isn’t working

      1. it does. Copy the link and paste it in your search bar.

        / Axorell

  2. What exactly does this mod do?

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.30…

  4. This mod ist not work.
    I have no Sound!!!

    1. rumpelmauser01

      you must download the original sound-mod, without this addon don’t work…

  5. Phoenix19882

    If you use headphones and value your hearing then this is not the mod for you, My Sound was at 25% and it was way to loud, So I will not be using this mod. The sounds are good but they need to be balanced better.

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