Dacia Sandero 2010

YouTube preview

Tested on 1.30.x
Automatic Gear Animation
All dealers

trzpro, sase06, Berkay Pekesen


20 Responses to Dacia Sandero 2010

  1. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.30…

  2. GAME CRASH says:


  3. Mifti says:

    esti tare boss.Poate faci si un logan daca vrei:))sky

  4. CptSlow says:

    Good news!!
    New Dacia Sandero is coming to ETS2!

  5. Unknow says:

    No tuning ;-; Only interior, model, and engine… For me, your best mod is the Fiat Doblo

  6. Dorian says:

    Don’t work in game crash
    Please resolv problem And make standalone

    • Kei says:

      Yes!!! I agree.. second that… The because to don’t standalone car mode for dangerous mod…. so standalone cars mode for Good quality standalone car mods..

  7. DaNN_YT says:

    Ce tareee e suupeeer!!!

  8. filipx11 says:

    please,make a Opel Astra F Generation,please

  9. DaNN_YT says:

    Please a Dacia Logan MCV 2007 1.5dCi! No password file SCS a MCV!

    • Kei says:

      I agree!!! The Don’t standalone car mode in game crashes mod.. because to standalone car & truck mode in very good standalone truck & cars mod…

  10. edsor says:

    It’s not bad, it has good details. But please correct and improve the Honda Civic FB7. We’d appreciate it a lot more.

  11. mr.johnny says:

    add real blinker sound,please

  12. Peppe says:

    The dacia duster 2018?

  13. ehune01 says:

    Test drive and a short demonstration:


  14. Obreak says:

    nice mod, can u made peugeot 207 plz

  15. Dragos Marian says:

    Foarte bun modul. Daca ai face si un duster 2018 ai fi genial.

  16. Madalin says:

    Poti face un passat b6 variat plzz

  17. Anar says:

    Please help me with the version 1.31 added mod, the machine itself is not in the car dealerships and there are wheels, in the yakm can the problem be ???

  18. Romania says:

    Cum iau dacia?
    How i can get the car?
    I have more than 5 trucks..,all dealers explored!

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