Addons for DLC cabin v 3.0

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This mods add +/- 30 scarfs, +/- 30 pennants, several 3D objects, News slots glass for all trucks, new sets dashbord for many trucks.

This mod work with all base truck + Scania t and rs by RJL, Sisu R500 by RJL, DAF XF by 50Keda, Man TGX E5 and E6 by MADster, DAF E6 and VOLVO FH16 by Ohaha

There are only one version, English people must addapt and see what is compatible or not, in next version I try to fix slots for english cab’

For the table on truck, I know it’s whorehouse but I can’t make otherwise. (table available for scania [ALL]; volvo fh16 and fh16 2012; daf xf euro 5 and euro 6)

All objects are not present on screens, I let you discover

Made with blender2scs


jeyjey-16 , Solaris36, Niksarli, jgut(Ashtray), Van graff, colo1627, furkan61, Modders Team Poland, SCS Software, Pat and Mat toy by Vlasta


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42 thoughts on “Addons for DLC cabin v 3.0

  1. Please tell me where can I find a shelf for Scania? Give a link please

    1. Its not a mod. Its a new customization DLC from SCS. Cost $3.99 on Steam

  2. jeyjey-16

    It’s on my mod

    1. Nice mod you have made ?

      Cane you mabey made af Poppy to the mod

      Sorry my bad english

  3. Standalone?

  4. please tell me for a table on daf xf e6 ohaha , i see dots but no table

  5. i have found it is in one of the dots haha

  6. jeyjey-16

    Yes, all of scarfs, pennants and objects, set dashboard, set glass are standalone

  7. ETS2 Lietuva on facebook


  8. scania link ?

    1. jeyjey-16

      I think you don’t uderstand, all of objects and more you can see on the picture are on the mod, it’s objects for DLC TOYS.

      1. great job thanks
        package is not lucky strike (only icon material)
        is Chesterfield
        it is possible for the next version?
        thank you

  9. Your cabin mod rocks, thanks for update

    1. Nice mod you have made ?

      Cane you mabey made af Poppy to the mod

      Sorry my bad english

  10. Please add to your mode and walkie-talkie, radio, speakers thanks

  11. Please add to your mod, car stereos, speakers, walkie-talkie, side-valance and text on the window thanks

    1. jeyjey-16

      Ok I see what I can do 😉

  12. nigel rose

    where can I get cabin DLC non steam from?

  13. Exellent ! thank you ! 😀

  14. Nice MOD!
    but telepass is reversed.

  15. Mr.GermanTruck

    HD test Video on Volvo FH, New Volvo FH, Scania Streamline

  16. VlastaVasicek

    credits Pat and Mat toy by Vlasta

  17. Credits Pat and Mat toy by Vlasta,please add credit forthwith!!!!

  18. solaris36

    Nice mod.
    Please continue updating that.
    I like the figurine jejeje.

  19. Well done, congratulations and thank you very much. I have one comment: TelePass-Viatoll-Europass is complementary versa. But very good mod, keep it up! Sorry for my english.

  20. christophe

    super beau travail un grand merci

  21. jeyjey-16

    Sorry for telepass, I fix it for next update

  22. Great work!

  23. darex2521

    Witam,chce pobrać ale ale nie moge bo do końca link nie działa .Prosze o poprawienie linku .DZIĘKUJE .

  24. You can solve the problem of women on scania r700 you don’t see please and very beautiful as great idea

  25. ho un problema,mentre guido Mercedes mp4 appaiono le ragazze
    ho fatto delle foto per spiegarmi meglio

  26. I have a problem while driving Mercedes MP4 appear girls
    I took pictures to explain better

  27. can you make a matchbook air for interior please?

  28. Great work! Thank you! There is a little problem with table in volvo fh 2009 – front of it extends through front window 🙂

  29. Can you do the same but for UK Interiors??

  30. Hi,
    sorry but which is the base Cabin mod? Where can i find it?

  31. pobrałem i wszustko jest ok poza tym, że nie mam żadnych akcesoriów. Co to może być??

  32. JeyJey is there any way to change view in the dashboard? I think that view from camera 6 would be more realistic than view from front mirror. Great mod by the way 😉

    1. I mean view from traffic recorder of course 😉

  33. Please make for Version 1.24!

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