Addons for the Trailers and Cargo Packs v3.5, v1.7 and v1.61 from Jazzycat


This addition is intended for fans of unusual traffic and heavy cargo. This addition increased the mass nearly 100 cargoes.
Also in the archive there is a similar add-ons for packs trailers with military cargo pack v.1.7 and railway cargo pack v1.61.

The main modes you can download on the website of the author.

P. S. In the process of change in mass intensively used information from the Internet and the formula from school physics course – Mass = Volume x Density, and in some cases used fantasy:).

Weight of all locomotives corresponds to the real.
This mod does not claim to full realism.

Author of the main modes: Jazzycat Author of this addon: Tornado


7 thoughts on “Addons for the Trailers and Cargo Packs v3.5, v1.7 and v1.61 from Jazzycat

  1. Not work at me. I don’t know why.. (1.2v)

    1. “It does not work” is too laconic. It is possible more in detail?
      There still outrageously simple – just need to replace the files you need.

  2. does this work for v 1.21?

  3. 2.3 MB for all of this ..cmoon one pack alone is usually over 100MB

  4. ah ! ignore me it just addons

    1. Yes, it is only additions! Modes should be downloaded from the author’s website

  5. Blaziken777Sverige

    Sorry if i’m so ###### that i need to question this, but:
    Is this an AI mod, or is liek a mod that replaces the cargos that are hauled by the player?

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