Advanced Coupling System for Kamaz 5410

Coupling-System-1 Coupling-System-2


This is not an *.scs mod that can be activated on mods manager.

Only decompress the file with Winrar and change the file “truck.pmc” on the “vehicle/truck/kamaz_5410hq” folder of the scs truck mod file “Kamaz_5410.scs”.

Scs file can be open with Winrar too.

You now have advanced coupling on truck. 🙂

Enjoy. Please don’t reupload and use only original sharemods link. Thank U.

Author: CyrusTheVyrus


2 Responses to Advanced Coupling System for Kamaz 5410

  1. Diablo says:

    at which trailers you did this mod? because scs not connected, they are cheap and August the saddle of a semi-trailer blocks

    • CyrusTheVirus says:

      Truck are very tall for standard or scs trailers. There are kamaz trailers mods.
      Advanced coupling not modify this.

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