Africa Map for promods-v2.11


Africa Map for promods-v211 version of the game
Map is only compatible with cards promods-v211
This kit uses the maps:
Eldorado complex road and partially Mario map
How to install on the manager as on a screenshot from the bottom to the top:
ETS_2_Map__11.7_def & mat.scs
ETS_2_Map__11.7_prefab & more.scs
Eldorado Map Rodobrasil FREE.scs
Included is color padded card, not necessarily connected!

promods-def-v210.scs file you want to use a normal not to Rusmap !!

To use the map to download the two parts

Author: WG By combining voldemar56 Manifesto Author losevo58

DOWNLOAD 637 MB part 1
DOWNLOAD 973 MB part 2
DOWNLOAD 62 MB part 3

57 thoughts on “Africa Map for promods-v2.11

  1. spartacus33

    A big Thanks !!!

  2. spartacus33

    Большое спасибо

  3. spartacus33

    A question please… Mario Map contains north Africa ? same as TSM Map ? because i can see in your second pic the city’s of Algeria, marocco & Tunisia !!! so…
    to play with this map = promods-v211 + Mario Map ???
    just all ??? thanks for answer !!!

  4. spartacus33

    Ok..sorry, i download the 2 files (nice) & unpack this and now it’s ok to me…
    i have the 6 files:
    ETS_2_Map__11.7_def & mat.scs
    ETS_2_Map__11.7_prefab & more.scs
    Eldorado Map Rodobrasil FREE.scs

    all is good now, i can make in order the following process…

    Ets2 (last version) + 2DLC (go to East & Scandinavia)
    + promods-v211 + Africa Map (view in first pic join by you in this post).

    I report here if i find bugs… thanks a lots to creators

  5. i do not find the
    ETS_2_Map__11.7_def & mat.scs
    in the two parts of this mod

  6. spartacus33

    Exactly False21 !!!

    just this 3 files only in part 2 !!!

    Eldorado Map Rodobrasil FREE.scs

    (i not see ETS_2_Map__11.7_def & mat.scs same as False21)
    not in part 1 too

    1. Concur

  7. spartacus33


    C-ETS2 – Visual – Real Maps & Icons.scs = ETS_2_Map__11.7_def & mat.scs ???????????????????

    I think YES !!!

  8. icebeer75

    Afrika und Promods teil 1 Fehlt

  9. would this map working on Promods 2.1 and game v1.24? not all moved to 1.25 yet and should keep this in mind

  10. I+don’t+have+Afrika+und+Promods+1

  11. In what order should be this mod C-ETS2 – Visual – Real Maps & Icons? Kick to the desktop near Zurich

  12. It can be used without eldorado map ?

  13. Fast+everything+OK.+It+is+just+impossible+to+see+the+map+entirely.+What’

  14. Fast everything OK. It is just impossible to see the map entirely. What’s the use of ?

    1. contains the map_data.sii which inside has values that can be changed to make it possible to move and see the entire map. However I ‘m not using the colored map/icons that come with this package as it doesn’t show the entire worldmap (cut above Sweden) in color (which I believe the is calibrated with) .
      U should use the def-file for ProMods WITH use of the RusMap option enabled ( yes, RusMap works in this combination aswell) even if U don’t have the RusMap this def-file should be used to have a correct worldmap handling.

  15. Thank you Mike. I stopped using RusMap with ProMods 2.11 because of game crash. As your advice is to activate the def-file for ProMods WITH use of the RusMap (even if no RusMap activated), I will do so.

  16. 이승현

    It doesn’t work with promods 2.11+Rusmap 1.6.3 + Balkan 2.11 (There are no city names in north africa)

  17. backtofront2

    Nice great work bro thanx

  18. Hi Mike. I activated the def-file for ProMods WITH use of the RusMap as you mentioned, it works perfectly (I located the Zum between ProMods and Afrika 1). Thanks again.
    It is clear that Afrika is not compatible with RusMap and Project Balkans.

    1. well didn’t see that first about the names of cities in northern africa, the bad boy in this combination are Project Balkans, something with the city.sii-files or close to it making this happen. So excluding PB it works just fine.

      1. well I did a final test, and got it to work ..all names are visible in Africa…hopefully nothing else is wrecked.
        Solution: I created 2 files (now it’s going to be a long paste so beware
        1st file named = :
        # For modders: Please do not modify this file if you want to add a new entry. Create in
        # this directory a new file “..sii” where is name of
        # base file without the extension (e.g. “city” for “/def/city.sii”) and is
        # some string which is unlikely to conflict with other mod.
        # Warning: Even if the units are specified in more than one source file, they share the
        # same namespace so suffixes or prefixes should be used to avoid conflicts.

        # AFRICA
        @include “city/villach.sii”
        @include “city/padova.sii”
        #@include “city/udine.sii”
        @include “city/tunis.sii”
        @include “city/elhamma.sii”
        @include “city/hebira.sii”
        @include “city/gafsa.sii”
        @include “city/redeyef.sii”
        @include “city/batna.sii”
        @include “city/algier.sii”
        @include “city/biskra.sii”
        @include “city/tripoly.sii”
        @include “city/zuwarah.sii”
        @include “city/perugia.sii”
        @include “city/roma.sii”
        @include “city/regioc.sii”
        @include “city/foggia.sii”
        @include “city/lecce.sii”
        @include “city/pescara.sii”
        @include “city/bari.sii”
        @include “city/ancona.sii”
        @include “city/napoli.sii”
        @include “city/bolzano.sii”
        @include “city/nice.sii”
        @include “city/marseille.sii”
        @include “city/montpellier.sii”
        @include “city/tangier.sii”
        @include “city/rabat.sii”
        @include “city/casablanca.sii”
        @include “city/djelfa.sii”
        @include “city/meknes.sii”
        @include “city/oujda.sii”
        @include “city/taza.sii”
        @include “city/tiaret.sii”
        @include “city/gabes.sii”
        @include “city/rajka.sii”
        @include “city/misrata.sii”
        @include “city/sirte.sii”
        @include “city/benghazi.sii”
        @include “city/tubruq.sii”
        @include “city/alexandria.sii”
        @include “city/cairo.sii”
        @include “city/valencia.sii”
        @include “city/zaragosa.sii”
        @include “city/madrid.sii”
        @include “city/cordoba.sii”
        @include “city/faro.sii”
        #@include “city/gibraltar.sii”
        @include “city/lisboa.sii”
        @include “city/malaga.sii”
        @include “city/murcia.sii”
        @include “city/porto.sii”
        @include “city/sevilla.sii”
        @include “city/valladolid.sii”
        @include “city/thessa.sii”
        @include “city/alexa.sii”
        @include “city/igou.sii”
        @include “city/kavala.sii”
        @include “city/athen.sii”
        @include “city/chania.sii”
        @include “city/kalamata.sii”
        @include “city/patra.sii”
        @include “city/iraklio.sii”
        @include “city/lamia.sii”
        @include “city/drama.sii”
        @include “city/serres.sii”
        @include “city/larisa.sii”
        @include “city/kastoria.sii”
        @include “city/ioannina.sii”
        @include “city/kozani.sii”
        @include “city/volos.sii”
        @include “city/trikala.sii”
        @include “city/preveza.sii”
        @include “city/tripoligr.sii”
        @include “city/sparti.sii”
        @include “city/tirana.sii”
        @include “city/zadar.sii”
        @include “city/rijeka.sii”
        @include “city/split.sii”
        @include “city/dubrovnik.sii”
        #@include “city/ljublijana.sii”
        @include “city/fredhavn.sii”
        @include “city/morrojable.sii”
        @include “city/costacalma.sii”
        @include “city/santacruz2.sii”
        @include “city/bonifacio.sii”
        @include “city/cagliari.sii”
        @include “city/olbia.sii”
        @include “city/rousse.sii”
        @include “city/sassari.sii”
        @include “city/valletta.sii”
        @include “city/polten.sii”
        @include “city/albi.sii”
        @include “city/clermont.sii”
        @include “city/bourges.sii”
        @include “city/calabria.sii”
        @include “city/potenza.sii”
        @include “city/puglia.sii”
        @include “city/lazio.sii”
        @include “city/catania.sii”
        @include “city/messina.sii”
        @include “city/palermo.sii”
        @include “city/sarajevo.sii”
        @include “city/sisak.sii”
        @include “city/laspalmas.sii”
        @include “city/viseu.sii”
        @include “city/evora.sii”
        @include “city/merida.sii”
        @include “city/salamanca.sii”
        @include “city/bucharest.sii”
        @include “city/belgrade.sii”
        @include “city/blagoevgrad.sii”
        @include “city/burgas.sii”
        @include “city/nis.sii”
        @include “city/elinpelin.sii”
        @include “city/lom.sii”
        @include “city/lovech.sii”
        @include “city/petrich.sii”
        @include “city/pleven.sii”
        @include “city/plovdiv.sii”
        @include “city/sofia.sii”
        @include “city/svilengrad.sii”
        @include “city/varna.sii”
        @include “city/istanbul.sii”
        @include “city/kavakkoy.sii”
        @include “city/kirklareli.sii”
        @include “city/marmarae.sii”
        @include “city/uzunkopru.sii”
        @include “city/plakias.sii”
        @include “city/fjardabyggd.sii”
        @include “city/peramos.sii”
        @include “city/palma.sii”
        @include “city/sakkara.sii”
        @include “city/alwasta.sii”
        @include “city/samalut.sii”
        @include “city/fayyum.sii”
        @include “city/dahszur.sii”
        @include “city/memanbau.sii”

        2nd file U need to create is (didn’t rename it from the original map)
        so it is = country.tsm.sii :


        #@include “country/algier.sii”
        #@include “country/egypt.sii”
        #@include “country/libya.sii”
        #@include “country/moroco.sii”
        #@include “country/tunis.sii”


        copy paste AND put these 2 .sii-files in
        Project Balkans def.scs
        /def/ *place them here*


    can someone please give video of order as main map all over the place thanks

    1. no video…just some text to read AND understand 🙂

      MOD in MODmanager from Top to Bottom
      (where U shall have your other mods over or under the maps U have to know yourself – I have some more above and plenty of other stuff below )
      project balkans def
      project balkans map
      project balkans assset
      promods/rusmap road connection fix (latest)
      (rusmap advanced trailer coupling fix)
      (got me some extra ferrymods- mod by Cosmin_ro with some edit)
      rusmap map package
      promods model package 2
      promods model package 1
      rusmap model 2 package
      rusmap model 1 package
      promods def WITH rusmap option enabled
      promods map package
      promods media package
      promods assets package
      rusmap def package
      africa 1
      africa 2
      africa 3
      africa 4
      africa 5
      notice I don’t use the coloured map which camewith the african addon
      where to put it figure it out ….. This combination gave me back the african citynames …..

      1. ####, forgot to write it, P-L-E-A-S-E read the post above these 2 posts aswell, without doing that work U won’t have any names …… it’s just a simple copy paste…save as task …if U don’t get it ASK a friend or grandma 🙂

      2. hi mike i got this in your order but its crashing as i will check for a load to get , what i doing wrong?

        1. cangarujack

          i have the same problem…

  20. Too bad that is not working also on 1.24. wouldn’t be wiser for authors to make it compatible with 1.24 and also to add a fix for 1.25? due to other incompatibilities of older mods I can’t move yet to 1.25

  21. where is the Part 1 ? to Download is missing

  22. i got part 1 now, i see the africa map but every time i want to go to check for loads the game crash…. somebody got a solution for this :_)

    1. gamelog would tell what’s wrong, might be

      ” Missing sign template definition sign_templ.385 or
      Missing sign template definition sign_templ.405″

      let’s see what the author(s) say about that

  23. How the #### can I drive from Africa to South America by truck on real???

  24. remon bastiaan

    it makes the scania chrash when in uprgade shop anyone got a fix for that

  25. promod 2.11 + rusmap 1.63 + Africa Map for promods-v2.11 is ok

    good job tank you

    1. cangarujack

      your order mod ?

  26. remon bastiaan

    anyone got a fix for my problem
    i got promods and this map but the africa map makes the schania chrash al of them dont have any other mods

  27. Dont work for me with promods 🙁 🙁 Log:

    00:05:33.017 : [unit] File ‘/def/world/mover.tsm.sii’, line 55:
    00:05:33.017 : [unit] The unit name ‘mover.su34v’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘mover_model’).
    00:05:33.018 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/world/mover.tsm.sii)
    00:05:33.027 : management\core_resource_server.cpp(565): [email protected][email protected]@@UAEXXZ: Data error.

    🙁 🙁

    1. Solved: Africa map no compatible with russian open spaces

      1. ROS is not compatible yet with 1.25 so better don’t use it until future updates.

  28. hi mike it’s crashing respecting your order. I will check without Project Balkans… Shall we use, maybe you forgot it!

  29. Velezdemivida

    Promods + rusmap + project balkans + pj indomap + africap map works, now whenever I finish a job and choose another CTD, again entered the game and works and always so. Someone else happens? Sorry for my english.

  30. working only with ProMods and RusMap, with Project Balkans every time I go to pick up a delivery job, game crashes while without Balkans no problem up to know…

  31. GMTavares

    HI! This map includes El Dorado Brasil and Rutas Mortales.

    I already have the latest versions of these maps (more recent than the ones you are using).

    To keep the promods spirit can you get the “real” africa map – without these parts?


    1. cangarujack

      when i can find the last version of these maps?

      1. GMTavares

        Right here in this website. I downloaded it from here 😛


    this is fake mario map that has been banned by mario for copy right of promods and tsm map


    i niticed that you modified the AI traffic cars lights i dont want to use that how can i remove it .

  34. hola+lo+e+provado+de+todas+maneras+y+no+me+funciona+a+medio+del+viaje+se+me+corta+el+juego

  35. victor muteti

    please expand to west, east, central and south africa and show lakes, rivers and physical features, also include ports and coastal cities

  36. C:\WarThunder\ No files to add

  37. C: No files t

  38. ik ben


    Can i use my ets2 v1.30.2.2 latest.

  40. Andreas Simaneka


    Am from Africa, Namibia and I wish to have that Mod but I cannot download it. Please create MEGA links or google drive links.

    Thank you

  41. Ian Allaway


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