A&G Groeneveld skin for Scania S.

A&G Groeneveld skin for Scania S.

This skin is based on the Scania S owned by A&G Groeneveld from The Netherlands. Please respect these credist and keep https://modding.kerstens.eu/ as the download link. Also, keep the original images that come with this mod. Reuploading using that link is allowed! Reuploading using a differint link is strictly forbidden!

Recommended mods:
– Sideskirts
– Sunvisor
Make sure to have this mod loaded in top priority in the mod manager!

Kerstens Modding

DOWNLOAD 6.2 MB Sideskirts
DOWNLOAD 0.3 MB Sunvisor

14 thoughts on “A&G Groeneveld skin for Scania S.

  1. KerstensModding

    For all your questions, join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/JPYHze5

  2. Thx+,+good+job

  3. Good day! The problem is, I can not go through the link

  4. Thank you, great!
    especially the fine “additions” :))

  5. Nice work :O i wanna know if you can share to me the .dds of your sticker in the window, i would have something just like this and i am not a pro for skin. Thank’s

    1. Kerstens Modding

      You can always join our Discord and we might share the files.

      1. you ohrenely so to advertise the bitches!

  6. I’ve seen you do better, for a simple skin it should be crisp, this is very pixelated in places, also a few color overlaps that need to be deleted.

    Overall: 6/10

    1. Kerstens Modding

      Yeah, this skin has a lot of “points” in it, and since you are always working in a 4096px workspace, you cant avoid the tips to get pixelated. But i always do my best ; )

  7. what mode did you use with the front bumper beacons

    1. plamine501

      Lobar Scania Next Gen V2

  8. kennifc1994

    not working

  9. do this work on the new promods? or is it the old promods?

  10. link Skin does not work

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