Agromex Tandem Skin Pack


A request from somebody for a skin pack for the awesome mod pack of
Flemming V

Things to know;

– Scania Streamline Topline skin only!
– U Still need to download the big pack!
– Includes the paint mod!

To the requester:
I tried to add the white lines, but i couldn’t add them, it looked
ugly as hell, so sorry it’s just a simple skin…. Also don’t got more
time to work on it.

Also note to all: Will not do anymore requests as it takes a lot of
time to do them.
This was just a exception.

Do what ever you want with it, just keep the original credits with

Flemming V – Tandem Pack Mod
Kokkie20 – Skinning


3 thoughts on “Agromex Tandem Skin Pack

  1. bjr es que c possible de faire des camion remorque tradictionnel c a dire la remorque a un essieu directionnel a l avant sur pivot pivotant ? merci d avance cdlt

  2. Salut, j’utilise un traducteur pour cette.
    Je ne suis pas le créateur mod original de ce mod, je fais juste une apparence.
    Désolé ne peut pas vous aider.

    I am not the original mod creator of this mod, I just make the skin.
    Sorry can not help you with this.

  3. Merci de ta réponse

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