AI Traffic – country def folders for mod authors [Template]


This package is a template of country definition folders for all countries included in popular map mods, so modders can set the frequency of an AI Traffic vehicle appearing in a certain country for their AI traffic vehicles.

⁂ Features

Contains folders for all popular map mod countries and DLC Scandinavia and DLC East, including:
– Brazil EAA Map
– Egypt addon for ProMods
– Eldorado Map
– MHA Pro EU Map
– PJ Indo Map
– ProMods
– Rus Map + Russian Open Spaces + Southern Region Map
– Truck Sim Map (TSM)
plus all other map mods that use the included countries.

⁂ Recommended AI vehicle frequencies

– 0 for vehicles that don’t belong in the country (e.g. foreign police cars and ambulances)
– 0.1 for heavily customized, unusual, rare, expensive, or vintage vehicles sold or imported in the country
– 0.1 for emergency vehicles local to the country (e.g. police cars and ambulances)
– 0.2 for classic vehicles no longer in production in the country but iconic in the country
– 0.5 for vehicles no longer in production but previously manufactured/sold or frequently imported in the country
– 1 for everyday common vehicles to see on the road in the country (typically vehicles manufactured from 2004 – present)

Note to modders:
Please use up all country folders for every vehicle .sii file and adjust frequencies for each country as necessary.

⁂⁂ Make sure to have the frequency set to 0 for vehicles that don’t belong in the country.

⁂⁂ If you don’t include a definition file in a country for a vehicle that doesn’t belong, the vehicle will appear when driving in the country with a frequency of 1.

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  1. Roberto says:

    NO FILES! What´s the problem?

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