AI Traffic – country def folders for modders

country def folders for modders

This package includes country definition folders for modders to set the frequency of an AI Traffic vehicle appearing in a country.

Please use up all country folders for every vehicle .sii file and adjust frequencies for each country as necessary. Frequency is 1 by default if no .sii file is added.

Recommended frequencies for realism:
– 0.01 for heavily customized, unusual, rare, expensive, or vintage vehicles
– 0.1 for classic vehicles no longer in production in the country but iconic in the country
– 0.5 for vehicles no longer in production but previously manufactured/sold or frequently imported in the country
– 1 for everyday common vehicles to see on the road in the country (typically vehicles from 2004 – present)

Includes countries from:
– Base Map, DLC East + Scandinavia countries
– Brazil EAA Map countries
– El Dorado Map countries
– TruckSim Map countries
– ProMods Map countries
– RusMap countries
and other map mods that use these countries.

Author: Drive Safely


3 thoughts on “AI Traffic – country def folders for modders

  1. this is an pack for empty folders. ### ?

    1. Drive Safely

      It’s a template for AI Traffic modders to use. So modders can drop their .sii files for their AI vehicle frequencies in the country folders. Thought it would be handy 🙂

  2. SavageCore

    Wish we could set this for trailers…

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