Multiple Al Traffic v 1.3 By Thalken

Multiple Al Traffic (1) Multiple Al Traffic (2) Multiple Al Traffic (3)

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Mod tested on v.1.19
+ Compatible with Original & TSM maps + DLC East & North
+ Compatible with all traffic mod of jazzycat and some moder.

In version 1.3
+ Add traffic realistic in day and night.
+ They passing you more than normal.
+ Some truck and cars stop no reason.
+ And finally sometimes they switch road lines very carelessly.
+ Some car and truck pass red light
+ Accident appear usually in high way and city.

P/s: Please, show your respect by the way didn’t upload again my mod,if you’re want to share in another forum or blog then you’re can copy original link in this topic.

Author: Thalken


32 Responses to Multiple Al Traffic v 1.3 By Thalken

  1. wegger says:

    Thank you Thalken! I will test today.

  2. Soe says:

    Finally!!!!!!!!!! i love this video and your mod. Thank you so much Thalken.

  3. CNL says:

    Greate work and very interesting because in new version has more update,i love traffic mod and respect your hard work,thank you Thalken.

  4. Nhocsocksd says:

    In now think this version is the best of v.1.19,that’s my opinion,i was tested and saw it very perfect, one again thank you so much author Thalken.

  5. ProTrucker16 says:

    This mod looks really good but does it works with ProMods?

    • Thalken says:

      Bad news is my mod not working with promod,because promod has another traffic mod in source,i’m not sure because in v.1.18 when i use my mod with Promod then game is crash.

      • ProTrucker16 says:

        No problem! I will test it and post the result here today!
        Do you know another mod for ProMods and ETS2 version 1.19 to increase the ai? I have been searching for long but most of them don’t work with ProMods or neither version 1.19.
        Thank you!

        • Thalken says:

          That’s very difficult bro, like i said because promod has another traffic mod in source then when you used another ai mod same with promod if lucky =>> game working normal but AI mod not work, another side your game is crash. And thanks you i will waiting for your report.

          • piva says:

            Good mod. But
            allow_wrong_way[]: “”
            will not work on DLC Scandianvia on some roads, DLC uses “road_look.template.sii”
            ProMODS, MHAPro use another road_look.xxxx files. You can take it from my overtake mod

            Good luck for new mods

          • Thalken says:

            Tks Piva, i have recorded and will fix in next version.

        • AndyS71 says:

          i use this one with promods/poland/rus map and it works fine

          • Thalken says:

            Yeah,i see if in future promod exclude Ai out of mod,maybe it will compatible with all Al mod like Rus,Romania,Dutch,EAA… maps. And in this version i don’t know my mod can work with Promod or not because i just test in Rus,EAA and some map.

          • ProTrucker16 says:

            Thalken, IT WORKS!
            It doesn’t crash and you can see that there is more traffic but it is still pretty quiet on the highways so I think it doesn’t work completely.

            Tested with:
            ProMods 1.96
            Poland Rebuilding

      • Darsh71 says:

        yep, i just see that, with promods, i can’t take mission, the game crash

  6. Darklord says:

    Excellent job Thalken, i was watching your video demo and feeling great because traffic very realistic like real life some big city and highway some people drive very fast and carelessly. Very very thank you about this mod because it teaching us knows how to drive carefully and knows to deal with difficult situations when circulate on road.

  7. Swagger says:

    Yayyyy them switch lines very carelessly but i like it =)) thank you Thalken

  8. Thalken says:

    I will answer some question because some people has trouble with new version of my:

    + Do not play with other mod with lower version 1.19
    + Promod some PC can play and some crashes (pls check in turn mod in your mod manager).
    + If can be you should play with new profile
    + “Why Multiple 1.2 not crashes but 1.3 make my game crashes” =>> In version 1.2 although not crash but i found a big errors in log file then i was fix in v1.3 because in main game 1.19 source from scs change so much.
    + I was test and work 100% with TSM and original map.

  9. wegger says:

    I tested. Just awesome mod! Thanks much again!

  10. wujekkk says:

    Mod not working !!! When I drive only truck its ok, when I want get trailer game crash. Help 🙁 my maps Pro mods for 1,9 Poland Rebuilding for 1,9 and rus map for 1,9

  11. Fl4mmeneis says:

    Dear Thalken,

    at my gaming laptop, this mod still doesn’t work. can u please try to fix it? This mod looks very nice.


  12. RetroSpectre says:

    Great work Thalken, but unfortunately the game crashes while looking for a job.

  13. Thalken says:

    Tks you all for the report,i will fix in next version, so strange! somebody can play can’t but some can’t be.

  14. wegger says:


    Can you make in the next version, 100% trucks have trailers ?
    And add more trucks.

    I love your mod!

  15. wegger says:

    update GTS Mod to V1.19 and daf ohaha/volvo ohaha.

  16. Thalken says:

    Tks all for you the report,but in now i’m too busy to fix v.1.3. Sorry about that,maybe i will fix in next week. One again sorry all about late time. 🙁

  17. Pelle says:

    TOP 10*

  18. arilasido says:

    love this mod…
    next challenge for you to show us,
    “multiple two wheels ai traffic”
    i’ll be waiting for it. can you?

  19. Tuhkustuhke says:

    how to get those weird parameters in the traffic_data.sii? theyre not there in the original traffic data of ets2

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