Air Suspension For all Trucks [1.32.x – 1.31.x]

• This mod is Air Suspension For all Trucks For ETS2
For comparison, make a run on default Press ”U” and you will see the difference.
Place above the original mod in mod manager.
You can share this map but KEEP THE ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK!
If you have any ideas how to improve the mod, Report bugs in comments
It will be updating and correcting errors, Good route.

jhonny gut


5 thoughts on “Air Suspension For all Trucks [1.32.x – 1.31.x]

  1. All Mods stolen!!

  2. “Press ”U” ” = Liftaxle Truck
    Otherwise, as zui says, all your Mods are stolen !!!

  3. and another stolen mod he offer with one off my srennshots from flickr!!! seems he is to ###### to make own screenshots,he must steal mods,and he must also steal screenshots,poor guy!!!!!

    1. adi2003de

      you forgot the important Thing off all about .. he steal our money!

      He is so poor, that he needs the Money from other people, they worked real for them.

  4. Sad…

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