Air Suspension v2


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– Works on all chassis (except for the center and rear axles controlled)
– ” U ” You are the key to raising and lowering (raising and lowering the axle is key that you made custom settings)
– Only way to be in the flat at the front not the back side
– Applies to all vehicles
– You can catch some very nice poses when capturing



11 Responses to Air Suspension v2

  1. JashaGaming says:

    HD Test Video 1.22. ——–>

  2. Ian says:


  3. aslangunal says:

    ellerine sağlık üstadım

  4. Daniel Nunes says:

    Can you do that mod for RJL truck?

    • SOSO says:

      Simply add to all chassis without liftable axles:

      liftable_axle[0]: true
      liftable_axle[1]: false
      liftable_axle[2]: false

      !!! after the last kerb_weight!!!

      kerb_weight[1]: 1650.1 <—-
      liftable_axle[0]: true
      liftable_axle[1]: false
      liftable_axle[2]: false

      If all set to true the complete Truck will go down.

  5. Darsh71 says:

    Salut. quel interet ? ça aurait été l’essieu arriere qu’on puisse regler quand on roule ok, ca aurait été génial, mais la ça fait completement inutile et bete …

  6. Ali Demir says:

    Tır Yerinden Yürümüyor Basınca Mk

  7. Nelson Burotto says:

    YiğitE dont function for me the front never up or down any special place in the mod manager

  8. Trucker says:

    Ugly! Like stupid sports car…

  9. Oğuz Mert Kartal ;) says:

    Araç Basıksa o Kesin Türk’tür

  10. Wtf says:

    To those eejits callimg this unrealistic: real trucks ####### have the option to add air suspension all the god damn way around the truck. Front, back, middle. You can raise and lower the whole damn thing to the ground.

    Get your facts straight, you heros. Don’t open ya mouth ever before again.

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