Alexander Swift Scania V8 Euro 6 Stock Sound v 5.0

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What’s new?
– Stick sounds recorded by me
– Interior sound reworked (V8 exhaust)
– New lift axle sound from OMSI 2
– Reworked gear sounds with new files from OMSI 2
– European horn and whistle
– Realistic road wind sound
– Exterior sound reworked from Kriechbaum Scania V8 v3.0
– New V8 engine brake
– Scania low air pressure warning sound from Sounds Fixes Pack

Alex Swift, Kriechbaum, SCS and OMSI 2


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9 thoughts on “Alexander Swift Scania V8 Euro 6 Stock Sound v 5.0

  1. Sorry the interior sound is terrible I hear nothing external is good.

    1. yes, interior sound not working for me

  2. ziaazemira

    sorry,but interior sound not working….

  3. interior sound not

  4. no sound in interior

  5. This mod’s sound may be from a real truck. But not Scania S.

  6. interior sound not working in crashed….

  7. Can you make the interior sound a little bit louder?

  8. I like it, but the volume it’s too low… It doesn’t fit well with Soundfixes pack because the interior sound should be increased. But I think it has good quality btw.

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