Alexander Swift Scania V8 Euro 6 Stock Sound v 5.0

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What’s new?
– Stick sounds recorded by me
– Interior sound reworked (V8 exhaust)
– New lift axle sound from OMSI 2
– Reworked gear sounds with new files from OMSI 2
– European horn and whistle
– Realistic road wind sound
– Exterior sound reworked from Kriechbaum Scania V8 v3.0
– New V8 engine brake
– Scania low air pressure warning sound from Sounds Fixes Pack

Alex Swift, Kriechbaum, SCS and OMSI 2


9 Responses to Alexander Swift Scania V8 Euro 6 Stock Sound v 5.0

  1. Erik says:

    Sorry the interior sound is terrible I hear nothing external is good.

  2. ziaazemira says:

    sorry,but interior sound not working….

  3. oacch95 says:

    interior sound not

  4. pkone says:

    no sound in interior

  5. Ace says:

    This mod’s sound may be from a real truck. But not Scania S.

  6. Kei says:

    interior sound not working in crashed….

  7. B3NY4 says:

    Can you make the interior sound a little bit louder?

  8. Mark says:

    I like it, but the volume it’s too low… It doesn’t fit well with Soundfixes pack because the interior sound should be increased. But I think it has good quality btw.

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