ALEXD 5500K Reverse Light V 1.6

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ALEXD 5500K Reverse Light V 1.6

This mod requires ETS2 1.31;1.32; 1.33.x; 1.34.x, 1.35.x; 1.36.x; 1.37.x; 1.38.x
V 1.6
support 1.38.x

V 1.5
support 1.37.x

V 1.4:
support 1.36.x

V 1.3 :
support 1.35.x

V 1.2 :
support 1.34.x

V 1.1 :
increase range
ALEXD 5500K Reverse Light – Support All Trucks !


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2 thoughts on “ALEXD 5500K Reverse Light V 1.6

  1. Hello! Or could you create a mode where the index lamp is integrated into the rearview mirror?

  2. Excellent as always Alex. Many thanks.

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