All in One Volvo Dahsboard update v 5.0

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This is new update for old “All in one” dashboard mod


DOWNLOAD 445 KB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 445 KB [Uploadfiles]

10 thoughts on “All in One Volvo Dahsboard update v 5.0

  1. ####, I mixed up shot for this mod
    pic here

    1. Hello piva. Friend, i hope you the man for this_All in One Volvo Dahsboard v 5.0_,i you are, then, PLEASE save this mod friend, there are no Volvo Dahsboard computers, they all #### lol. i have this_AllInOne_v5.0_, it still works, but, when i want to enter truck dealer, game logs out, i remove the mod game ok, i can enter truck shop, do what i need, go out, put back this beutyfull dash computer, and thats how i truck on. Bro, please help. Thank you.

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

    1. Thanks for Video, but next time take overweith haul cargo over 40 tons, to show how working instants fuel gauge.

  3. thanks~but i like old [email protected]@

    1. полностью согласен

  4. а мне v 3.1 нравится больше

  5. Better – when you have choice.

    1. точно подмечено.Спасибо

    2. Ayrton1973

      Is it possible to update the mod version 5.0 for 1.35, game crash after you want to fix the truck

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