All New Ertiga ETS2

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This Mod can work at ETS2 Version 1.30 or Above , by using def according to your ets2 version

Available Variant GA,GL,GX and Left Hand Drive or Right Hand Drive

Dont Forget Read the rules at notaped

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Facebook = Adi Rafudin
Gmail = [email protected]

Adi Rafudin


9 thoughts on “All New Ertiga ETS2

  1. dashforlife

    This is not the ###### car mod like others where the cars are too powerful. U did make a really amazing mod . TO much detailing and a good mod . Hats off man.Are you planning to make more likes these indian cars ? Would like to play more cars like these . Should i suggest some indian car mods ???

  2. ben david brown

    doesnt work

    1. Adi Rafudin

      For 1.30 to 1.35, use def according to your ets2 version

      1. Canadian maps

        The hell does that mean? What am I supposed to use? Couldn’t you just upload the .scs that works for 1.35+?

  3. Can you make suzuki sx4 2018?

  4. Can u Make Pls Opel Zafira Tourer, because my dad love Ets2 And he wants to drive the same car as in real … That would be a great surprise!

    1. top mod…..could you make an seat Alhambra car mod…..think if you did it would get a lot of downloads especially with a uk interior aswell..because 1. there’s only a few seat car mods 2. not many car mods have a uk interior and 3. its an mpv so its something different….not pestering you to do it but id love one….especially the mk1 facelift sport edition

  5. Please correct the screen of the on-board computer and the gps. Because they’re upside down

  6. crash+by+:def+###

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