All Scania Trucks Door Animation Mod – ETS2 1.40

Scania Truck Door Animation mod
You can open the truck doors with this mod
Working On all Scania Trucks
ETS2 1.40

How to use This Mod?
Watch Video:

Tiozão Gamer


15 thoughts on “All Scania Trucks Door Animation Mod – ETS2 1.40

  1. Hd video 1.40…

  2. Really good mod man!! Thanks for the great work!!

  3. Adem Çelik

    It would be much better if you could open both doors separately

  4. yes next version add such thing and can make to all possible truck in gane or even other user whoi make truck mods hope car mod maker add such similar thing to open door all door and separate

  5. X3three gaming

    Great work (Tiozão Gamer) my friend ,You did great job really nice 👍

  6. mod inútil não há funções para usufruir disso.

  7. Maik Meier

    My english is not perfekt.
    mod ,open Doors, for Volvo? Please, Please

    1. Here is Open Doors Mod For All Volvo Trucks

  8. keşke tüm tirlara gelse iyi olurdu

  9. quelle touche utiliser pour ce mod ??

  10. cürümcüler tv

    HD Test Video 1.40:

  11. what key it open door or what setting I must be have activate

  12. a do scani RJL działa?

  13. ZeroDeaths

    Hello, I really like the mod but the mirrors turn black when mod activated. Can you fix it please?

  14. Pukasinek

    Not work on 1,42.

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