All trailers are plain (White)


This mod makes all the trailer plain white.

If you have a trailer you want to keep or you only want one trailer white;
– Rename the ‘.scs’ to ‘.zip’
– Extract the file
– You will see all the companies, delete the ones you dont want to be plain white.
– Select all the files
– Right click on the selected files and click ‘Add to archive’
– Name it and change ‘Normal’ to ‘Store’ and ‘B’ to ‘MB’ (or ‘KB’ depending on what you use)
– Make it a ‘.zip’ but then rename it from ‘.zip’ to ‘.scs’
– Click ‘OK’
– Put the file into your ETS2 Mods folder
( MyDocuments/EuroTruckSimulator2/mods
– Run game and click ‘Edit Profile’ and select the mod.

Have fun đŸ™‚

(Use the last two steps also if you are unsure how to install the mod without editing it)



5 Responses to All trailers are plain (White)

  1. [LTU]Tadas says:

    This mode works on MP?

  2. Canonir says:

    Where is the file ???

  3. sorin says:

    The link is broken. Can someone re-upload the file, i really need it..!

  4. ph3n0m3nal says:

    does it work on multiplayer ?

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