All Truck Real Horn


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All Truck Real Horn for all Versions

Author: .SrqN.


9 thoughts on “All Truck Real Horn

  1. Says NO FILE

  2. Thanks, great sound 🙂

  3. Shogoon1984

    And another Bullshit Horn…..

    1. Bullshit horn??? have you ever heard what a standard Euro truck horn sounds like? If not it’s exactly like this.
      Great mod been wanting one like this for so’s johnny

  4. password?

  5. trucker_bob

    Thats a real claxon!

  6. Alex Peacock

    Password please so I can add this to a sound mod I use

  7. Alex Peacock

    password please so I can add this to he sound mod that I use

  8. There is no volvo. Sound SCS original sound

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